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Jeanette Bennett
After you click on the Proof Album link below, you may view those pictures in a slide show by clicking on a thumbnail photograph in that Album.  That means there are as many slide shows as Albums!  And each slide show is very easy to navigate at the speed (slow, medium, or fast) you set at the bottom of a photograph.  Click start to begin, stop to stop, the single <  to go back to previous shot, << to go back to the first, >  to go to the right, and  >> to go to the end.  Each slide show is a continous loop.  If you wish to make slide show pictures even larger, you can by simultaneously holding down the Control key and the + (plus) key.  To resume previous size of slide show pictures, hold down the Control key and the - (minus) key simultaneously and the slide show pictures will become smaller.  When you have finished viewing the slide show, just X out of that screen and it will return to the thumbnails on the web page.

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Pheiffer Johnson






October 27, 2007

November 10, 2007

Howard Webb

Ann Northcutt 

Other proof pictures not in above albums   

#1 Bella 
#2 Grizzly
#3 Jesse
#4 Princess
#5 Landry
#6 Claire & Katie
#7 Karmen & Kate
#8 Sydney, Keesha, and Zoe
#9 Chuckles & Charlie
#10 Minnie and Tilly
#11 Whitney & Bugs
Cassie & Teddy
Pheiffer Johnson 
Oct. 27 
 Nov. 10
Please note that there are no backgrounds on most of the proof pictures below.  
For seasonal shots I am adding more tree backgrounds with a holiday theme.
Customers may select backgrounds.