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Jeanette Bennett
Other Proofs
J. Peters sheltie--Please choose your favorite faces below.  There are 28 pictures in all.  There are 8 per page.  Just click below the 7th and 8th pictures to go from page 1 to 2 to 3 to 4.  You can also view a slide show by clicking on any picture.  The identifying numbers appear if you pass the curser over the picture.  I only need the 4 digit number (disregard the letters and symbols) of each to know what you like.  You can call me or email your choices to me.
Since you will be doing a collage of 5x7 pictures, I'll try to make varieties with close ups, partial bodies, and full bodies as well as portrait and landscape orientations.  Then I'll post those for you to critique and we can go from there, OK? 

Below are more treatments--close crop, black shirts, white chair, sepia, snow scene background, white backgrounds,
traditional mottled background, vignetting, fade-to-white, black frames, white-on-white double mat effect, white oval "mat, 
etc.  Please consider them with any of the group pictures/other backgrounds.  Also note that retro black-and-white can be done.  We love to do new, creative stuff so if you have an idea, just ask!  Create your own variation using any of these in combinations with backgrounds and/or group pictures already displayed.
  Retro black-and-white may be done.  We love to do new, creative stuff so if you have an idea, just ask!   
Dogs from Colorado   These are some pictures I did of dogs summer 2009.
The 50's at Fun Valley in 2009 Below please find below pictures inspired by photos taken at the annual employee dinner.  I hope you like them.
Loyd & Verdell  Parts of the two originals were used to make the final picture--her face from B was added to A.  Also two hands were created so that the "dancers" were holding hands (instead of arms).  Then I bent his knees to simulate "bopping".  The rest are just incidentals for a final look.     
Shawna & Scotty  First I uploaded my  edited version (#1) and the original picture (#3) you gave me.  Then I went back to lighten it to get the final version (#2).  Let me know what you think of the CENTER picture below.  (Since I didn't rename them, the order is not in sequence.  I hope you understand.)
ZIPPS Please look at the first 4 pictures showing different backgrounds.  The picture of you 3 is the same in all of them.  Please choose the background you like best.  Additionally are two composite pictures of Daisy.  When I know that you like either or both, I will remove her collar and tag from what is chosen AND lighten the rust stains as well.