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Jeanette Bennett
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A high school senior's parent wanted me to make a picture of her daughter in cap and gown.  The only problem was that this was in the fall of 2010 and her senior daughter was graduating in the spring of 2011 so that there was no cap and gown YET!!  Thankfully the school's senior sponsor was helpful in letting me know what colors were going to be used.  Below left is a digitally created cap and gown picture.  On the right is the original shot.  Mom can frame and show the cap and gown picture months before her daughter actually dons a rented cap and gown to make that "Pomp and Circumstance" walk at the graduation ceremony in the spring. 
Please look at these proofs.  There are 14 shots in all.  If you click on one, you can start a slide show.  Usually pics are cropped closely to show detail.  All can be edited to your specs. 
There are more proofs so you'll have to click on 2 below the 8 above to see the last ones.

Andy Warhol type pics